Murai / Nakamura / Kusumoto / Takashio / Van Meter / Uehara / Mitsugi / Nakazawa / Tezuka / Takeda / Okoshi Joint Research Group

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About us

The Murai/Nakamura/Kusumoto/Takashio/Van Meter/Uehara/Mitsugi/Nakazawa/Tezuka/Takeda/Okoshi Joint Research Group (known as "RG") is a joint research project which consists of several research labs at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus. Our main research topics include the Internet and general computing-related topics, with each of our lab members working on various unique research topics.


We do not set any prerequisites such as courses previously taken, knowledge, skill or experience. Regardless of current skill, we welcome all students who have motivation and activeness.

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Overview of activities


RG meetings occur the beginning, midterm, and end of each semester as needed, in addition to regular meetings within each sub-research group (KG). RG all-member meetings are generally held on Thursdays during 4th and 5th periods, so students in RG are expected to be available during that time and attend meetings as necessary. Each KG conducts weekly meetings to discuss the research activity and shape future diand the future direction of the research, and to discuss the work of the research group.


Each KG (or some groups of KGs) will have a presentation to share the work that has been done in this semester and the future work of their research. Students in their second semester or later are expected to conduct a WIP presentation.


At the end of each semester, students planning to conduct their graduation project in RG present the results of their research before starting their thesis project.

Graduation Project (GP)

In RG, only those who pass the TERM project can apply for the graduation project. In order to apply for the graduation project, you must pass the TERM project BEFORE the second semester of your enrollment.


There are many research groups in RG which are called "KG"s. Each KG has a different research area, so each group conducts separate weekly meetings to talk about research progress, current tasks, and future projects and activities.