Spring 2022 Join instructions

Registration procedure

1. Participate in the first class

Once you have decided on enrollment, please complete course registration using the Academic Affairs Web System. You may sign up for any of the research projects that belong to our group’s professors (Murai / Nakamura / Kusumoto / Takashio / Van Meter / Uehara / Mitsugi / Nakazawa / Takeda / Tezuka / Okoshi), so register for one that suits your schedule. In case you cannot officially register for some reason, you are still welcome to join a research project, so feel free to consult with us.

2. Complete course registration

If you decide to join our lab, please register for the joint research project by submitting course registration to the Office of Academic Affairs. You may register for any combination of professors from the research lab: Murai, Nakamura, Kusumoto, Takashio, Van Meter, Uehara, Mitsugi, Nakazawa, Tezuka, Takeda, or Okoshi (except "Minamata studies" held on Tue. 5th period by Keisuke Uehara). Additionally, even if you are unable to participate in the joint research lab meeting sessions, you still may be able to participate in the joint project, so please contact us separately.

Activities in the Joint Project

1. Participate in classes

The first class of the 2022 spring semester will be conducted on Thursday, April 7, 2022, during the 4th and 5th periods using Zoom. There will be explanations about the joint research project and introduction of individual research groups (KGs), so please be sure to participate. Jumping in at any time is okay. For those who wish to take the course from this term and have not received the URL for the first session, please check the URL in this Google Document. Keio.jp authentication is required. There are other times RG as a whole may meet during the semester, so all students are expected to keep Thursday 4th and 5th period available. If you are unable to for unavoidable reasons, be sure to consult your desired KG and the rg-coordinator group in advance.

2. Participate in KG meetings

The Joint Project consists of several KGs that have their own activities. Each KG has its own research subject, and holds weekly meetings to talk over research progress, future plans and so forth. Newcomers will choose their desired KG during this semester. You may participate in any KG meeting until you officially decide which one to join. It is up to you whether to attend the same KG meeting every week, or to check out several KGs; however, we do encourage you to try several KGs in order to find one that truly matches your interests.

3. Join a KG (research group)

Newcomers will decide their KG during the first half of this semester. Further details will be explained during the first class. You may apply for the desired KG as soon as you make the decision, however you must consult the KG leader beforehand. Detailed procedures on joining a KG will be explained later as well. Once you join a KG, you will attend that particular KG’s meeting every week, so you do not need to inform us about meeting participation, which is written under step 2.

About our activities in RG

See here


Course Completion for First-Year Students

SFC exceptionally allows first-year students to participate in research projects. For joint projects, students who are motivated and interested in the project are basically allowed to take part in the project from their first year.

Course Requirements

The joint project has no course restrictions regarding prerequisite classes or prerequisite knowledge. There are no prerequisite courses or prerequisite knowledge requirements. Students who have never used a computer before are welcome to take the course, as we will provide guidance to help you acquire skills and knowledge after you join the research project. We welcome students who are motivated and proactive, regardless of their skills.


If you have any questions, please contact us at here.